“Home is Where the Heart is” By: Zach Jacobs

On this addition of "SUBS" we have Zach Jacobs who recently made the biggest decision of his life by committing to James Madison University. He gives The Weekly Bucket an exclusive look into why he chose the Dukes to play college basketball in his own words. JMU can expect a combo-forward who is very athletic and versatile. Now without further or do here is Zach......


Dear Freshman….

Dear freshman, The lights are on and its time to perform! When you take the court for the first time tonight I want you to take a few minutes to take everything in and embrace the moment. I want you to smell the freshly popped popcorn in the air. Take notice of the die-hard fans …

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Changing lives through PASSION By: Karlyn Dixon

On this edition of "SUBS" we have Karlyn Dixon who is making a difference in the Charlotte area through her PASSION for the game. Karlyn Dixon is CEO and basketball trainer at The Elite Athlete Training Academy and high school basketball coach in Charlotte, North Carolina. She believes in helping athletes develop, physically, mentally, and …

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Who really benefits with #Nodaysoff?

The life of a high school basketball player during the “off-season” can be one spent in a car driving to the next AAU tournament, eating $5 foot-longs from Subway in-between games, and sleeping head to foot with your teammates at the Holiday Inn 30 minutes from the gym because it was the cheapest hotel your coach could find. This lifestyle is one that many players can relate to, which begs for the question is there really ever an off-season? Is there ever a time for players to give their body time to rest?

The Darkside of High School Sports Stars by: Jack Herron

Here is the first installment of “SUBS” where I take myself out the game and let various people in the business of basketball takeover the floor. Jack Herron is the Senior Analyst/Contributor for Vantage Hoops. He is originally from the Hampton Roads area better known as the 757 where he hooped at Kempsville High School and graduated from Redford University in 2013.